Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Helena vs Vegas

Did the move from Las Vegas to Helena make a difference?

Overall Hitting: 1st in AL this season, 3rd at home, 2nd on the road. Although the team has always hit well on the road this years road warriors was about the same as in most of the past seasons. The home effort was the best since season 1 by quite a bit.

The HR total though was not as great as many would think, they only hit 214 which is 10th ranked, that is 24 more than last year but still far fewer than the first 3 seasons in Vegas. The home run total was split between home and away. They led the league in doubles and triples, a big improvement by the team from past seasons, not records, but the best by an AL team since season 3. More were hit on the road than at home. The team had more overall hits at home which might indicate that the ball park was the cause but they also had more hits on the road than in previous seasons also.

Overall Pitching: 6th in the AL this season, 3rd at home, 13th on the road. You would have thought it would have been more evenly distributed or better on the road. Kind of surprised me also, as Las Vegas is more of a pitchers park but never they pitched well at home there.

Overall Team Defense: 8th in the AL this season. Actually ranked lower and played better than previous seasons.

Was it turnover? Actually there was in the hitting department as Will Weston, Karim Batista and Aurelio Prieto made complete season debuts. A few non hitting defensive bums were let go from previous seasons, even All-Star SS, F.P. Saipe. The pitching staff remained the same however.

Did the Park contribute to Helena's success over Las Vegas. The numbers don't exactly say they do. It looks like the answer lies in better personnel. However will someone please tell me why Clarence Hartman is such a waste? Pitchers cringe when he is catching. His stats show he is not a bad hitter but struggles to get there, trust me on that. His stint at AAA looks good, .343, walks to SO's look good and 7 HR's in 49 games look good, until you find out that of those 7, 4 were hit in one game and 5 were hit against a fatigued pitching staff. Just seems like he takes the patience thing a bit too far.

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