Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Season 6 Bigs-less Awards

We all know who were the best of show in the AL and NL, but what about the players that deserve a "Flying Fickle Finger of Fate" trophy or ones that may need a new job at seasons end?

Pitchers Dream Award:
NL: Steven Leonard with 146 strike outs in 642 AB's.

AL: Randall Fisher with 153 strikeouts in 642 AB's.

Chicks Dig It (Adam Dunn) Award:
NL: Monte Duvall with 58 chick magnets and a .258 average.

AL: Henry Rogers with 54 chick balls with .239 average.

Police Laughing Award:
NL:Lynn Abernathy with 5 thefts but got caught 20 times.

AL:Tommy Jordan with 13 thefts and getting caught 23 times.

My Bad Award:
NL: Eric Baker with 41 fumbled attempts.

AL: Marty James with 53 fumbled balls.

Minus Plays or What Was I Doing Award:
NL: Brace Kroeger wins the award for the second straight year with 12, losing to Willie Scott by a plus play.

AL: Albert Reith with 28 mind numbing boo boo's.

Am I A Pitcher or What Award:
NL: Turner Darr with a 2-20 record in 33 starts.

AL: Louie Bolivar with a 4-24 record in 34 starts.

Hero-less Complete Game Award:
NL: Benji Stewart with 2 CG's to his credit but a 9-11 campaign.

AL: Kelly Downs with 2 complete games and 2 shutouts but a 8-11 record.

Failure to Duck or Taking One for the Team Award:
NL: Melvin Taylor has 24 bruises to prove it.

AL: Justin Hernandez has 22 seams tattooed around his arms.

Iron-Manless Hitting Award:
NL: Raymond Lamb with .253 average in 632 AB's.

AL: Alfredo Hogan with a .229 average in 621 AB's.

Iron-Manless Pitching Award:
NL: Albert Valdez compiled a 10-14 record while pitching 209 innings and 40 starts.

AL: Ham Bruske compiled a 5-20 record with 203 innings of work.

The Backstop is My Friend Award:
NL: Ted Robertson for allowing 12 balls to go by.

AL: Hiram Spooneybarger as he allowed 16 backstop bouncers.

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