Tuesday, July 7, 2009

21 Games To Go

With everybody seemingly wanting something to read, I will post this little article.

In the AL, nothing is set in stone except maybe the playoff teams. I chose 90 wins as a plateau because that rules out most of the teams at this time but 7.

AL North

St. Louis Silly Nannies are in 1st but for how long remains a question but with only needing 8 wins to reach the magical 90 win plateau they are pretty well assured a playoff spot barring a complete collapse that I don't see happening.

Milwaukee Manic Maulers are 1-game behind the Nannies which is surprising. Don't count the Maulers out just yet as they will be playoff bound also needing 9 wins to reach 90.

AL East
Louisville Legends needs 9 wins to reach the 90 plateau and looks to be in the playoffs.
Scranton Janitors was in position to make a run but their last 4 losses falling 10 games back put them in serious jeopardy and chances on making 90 wins impossible.

AL South
Monterrey Sultans needs 5 wins for the plateau and should arrive to it quickly with probably the number 1 seed.
Jackson Vipers are in 2nd and needs 13 wins. 90 wins is not impossible and could throw a kink into another teams playoff plans but it may take more than 90 wins and that could be hard. They remain a dark horse to make the playoffs.

AL West
Helena Grotto Gottos lead the West and only needs 7 wins for 90.
Seattle Killer Whales have made up ground and has moved slowly into contention for the division crown and only need 9 wins for 90 which should be relatively easy.

1. Monterrey Sultans
2. Milwaukee Manic Maulers
3. Helena Grotto Gottos or Seattle Killer Whales
4. Louisville Legends
5. St. Louis Silly Nannies
6. Helena Grotto Gottos or Seattle Killer Whales
7. Jackson Vipers

The NL on the other hand is a much different picture. Several teams are still in the picture and need to step their game up to have a chance.

NL North
Fargo Dirtbags look poised for another crown.
Chicago Snake Tamers needs 10 for 90 wins and that will easily put them in the playoff picture.

NL East
Atlanta Bandits are the only team that has a playoff spot guaranteed as they have layed claim to the division crown and probably the #1 seed.

NL South
Houston Riverdogs are playoff bound, just a matter of time.

NL West
Salem Sacrifices lead the West but have a couple usurpers on their tail.
Salt Lake City Shakers have been on a run as of late to get into playoff position and a possible division crown.
Cheyenne Nation was in position to claim the title but ran into a buzz saw the last 10 games and needs to turn it around.

1. Atlanta Bandits
2. Fargo Dirtbags
3. Houston Riverdogs
4. Salem Sacrifices, Salt Lake City Shakers or Cheyenne Nation
5. Chicago Snake Tamers
6. Salem Sacrifices, Salt Lake City Shakers, Cheyenne Nation, San Juan Dead Bunnies or Trenton Traffic.

The 4th and 6th seed will be a fight to the end. The New Orleans Voodoo, although on a tear of late, are not consider in contention at this time needing to run the gamut. Not unheard of, of course, but pretty doubtful.

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