Wednesday, July 29, 2009

32 Teams, 32 tweets

A synopsis of each team's season, done Twitter-style (135 characters or less)

National League

Atlanta: No guts, no glory- we get Black, we get MacDougal, we get Romero, we win the title!

Trenton: Patchwork offense, average pitching somehow equals an above .500 record.

Norfolk: Great Gordon season wasted on a 70 win team. Boy, did we miss Broadhurst.

Washington: Just another season closer to the Leonard/Rader era. Biddle and Javier can join them.

Fargo: Simple math: Bad defense + blown saves = wasted Javy starts = early playoff exit.

Chicago: Another 98 win season leads to another early playoff exit.

Toronto: Gave the fans early hope. Won't deviate from the rebuilding plan.

Philadelphia: Bernie and the Phans get a top-3 draft pick.

Houston: NLCS appearance cements our status as one of the best teams in the league.

San Juan: We're the Fouts-era Chargers- score a ton, give up a ton.

New Orleans: There's a hex on everyone on this team not named Matos.

Austin: Work in progress. Better than last season.

Salem: We beat Cheyenne out again. Too bad our march through Atlanta made Sherman roll over in his grave.

Cheyenne: Three playoff apperances, 0 series wins.

Salt Lake City: So close to the playoffs. Top offense in the league. Maybe another starter?

Vancouver: Safe to say the season 4 NL championship was a fluke.

American League

Louisville: Another AL East banner, another heartbreaking playoff loss.

Scranton: Too many good AL teams this season to get in the playoffs. Still a solid season in PA.

New York: The whole Martin thing was weird. Was Omar Minaya GM this season?

Boston: Gonna need more than Cashman on the staff. Fenway's no place for mediocre pitchers.

Milwaukee: If not for the Season 4 title, we'd be the Buffalo Bills.

St. Louis: Pitching staff kept us in almost every night. That's how you win 95. Oh, and have Carrasco close.

Buffalo: We have some talent, but not enough. Need pitching.

Syracuse: Bolivar and Miller go 7-44 combined. McMahon leads team with 7 saves. Need I say more?

Monterrey: Always in the thick of it, but we're hearing footsteps.

Jackson: 91 wins establishes us as a force for seasons to come. Wish that came with a playoff spot.

Oklahoma City: Name change didn't much. More watchable this season, though.

Charlotte: Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The Black/Winn era is over.

Helena: Loving the new ballpark. Hating the new divisional rivalry.

Seattle: Lost the battle but won the war with Helena. What a roller-coaster ride! Can we get back on line?

Anaheim: Quietly won the most games in our history since our lone division title.

Boise: Cracked 70 wins for the first time. Future looks fairly good in Idaho.

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